The Truth About Hard Water

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Homeowners across the United States are confronted with hard water on a daily basis. You might be asking, “What is hard water?” It is water that has high levels of mineral concentration such as magnesium and calcium. This is usually found in tap water in various regions throughout America. You might think someone is doing this to the water, but it is actually a natural phenomenon.

Water, especially tap water, is created as the water filters through the underground layers of mineral deposits in limestone. The particles collect and mix into the water. A collection of an excessive amount of minerals causes hard water. You might be drinking and showering in hard water without even realizing it.

Don’t Panic                                                                                          

At this moment you are probably thinking if you tasted hard water you would immediately spit it out. There’s a possibility you and your family might actually prefer the taste of the water. Remember, hard water contains minerals such as magnesium and calcium. These two items are actually recommended for daily consumption and to help maintain a healthy way of life. In addition, hard water is known for its low sodium content. This is good news for those with high blood pressure and for those that require a low sodium diet.

The Truth

How do you know if you have hard water? It’s easy to notice. Hard water leaves a white film on glasses and other items. It might be embarrassing when company arrives, but it is harmless. Another sign that you have hard water in your home is that your laundry looks dirty even though it’s clean and your clothes feel hard and scratchy.

While white film on drinking glasses and dirty looking laundry isn’t harmful, it’s another story for the plumbing. The film that appears on your glasses is also left behind in the water pipes located throughout your home. The hard water film will accumulate in the fixtures, pipes, and appliances that use water such as the dishwasher.

In addition to having a negative effect on your dishwasher and pipes, it also causes your hot water heater to work harder. The film creates a layer of insulation inside of the hot water heater which causes the heater to work double in order to maintain the same temperature. The hard water damage causes homeowners to have appliances maintained more often than if the home had soft water.

The film caused by hard water might not be harmful to your health, but it is harmful to your pipes. The minerals will build up over time causing issues with water pressure and flow. As the minerals build up within the pipes it creates an excellent breeding ground for bacteria to grow. The bacteria growth comes into contact with the tap water and can cause you and your family illness and health problems.

After learning the truth about hard water in your home, you might feel anxious and helpless. Don’t worry, you have the power to change it and protect your home and family from the negative effects of hard water. To make a change you can invest in a water softening system for your home. There is various water softening systems available. Take action today and protect your family from hard water by contacting Mokher Plumbing for assistance.

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