How to Test Water Pressure

How to Test Water Pressure - Mokher Plumbing

How to Test Water Pressure – Mokher Plumbing

It has happened to almost every homeowner at some point. You or a family member is taking a shower and has shampoo and soap all over them and suddenly right as it’s time to rinse off, the water pressure drops and ruins the entire shower. At the other extreme, the water pressure can be too strong causing you to feel beat up by the water. This aggravating situation is often reported by many families in almost every neighborhood. Learn to test your water pressure in your home with these easy steps.

  • Purchase a Water Pressure Gauge Kit – Local hardware stores carry residential water pressure gauge kits. The generally come with adapters that fit on water outlets and residential hose bibs. Read the directions carefully because not all gauge kits are designed the same.
  • Select an Outlet to Test – If you use a well to supply water for your home you will want to choose a water outlet that is located near the pressure tank of the well. If your home receives water from a municipal water utility you will want select a water outlet closest to the water meter.
  • Turn Off Appliances – Remember to turn the dishwasher, refrigerator and other appliances that use water during the test. This will allow for an accurate reading.
  • Attach the Gauge – Carefully follow the instructions for your specific water pressure gauge and attach it to the water outlet.
  • Open the Valve – Open the water valve fully.
  • Read the Results – Read the gauge. Most will provide a reading below 50 psi or above 75 psi if you have a faulty pressure reducing valve.
  • Repeat – Turn off the water valve, wait a few minutes then repeat the test. This helps provide an accurate reading in case something went wrong the first time.

This process may be easy for some homeowners while others may feel overwhelmed. If you have just done the test and you find that there could be something wrong with your water pressure, you should contact a professional for further assistance. If you are the type of homeowner who gets overwhelmed doing tests and DIY projects, contacting a licensed professional is recommended.

As you know, water pressure is highly important to a home. Imagine trying to wash the dishes or take a shower in water that trickles out. It takes a lot of patience and time that most don’t have in their schedule. Keep your residential water pressure at its best by taking care of the situation immediately and contacting a professional when needed.

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