Are There Really Chemicals in Tap Water?

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Have you ever had water from your faucet that smelled like bleach? That smell is actually a combination of a variety of chemicals used to kill microorganisms and bacteria in the water. Tap water can also contain pesticides, hormones, toxic metal salts, lead, protozoa, bacteria, and microbes. Some of these things can come from the pipes.

Chemicals in Tap Water                                                      

To provide “safe” drinking water for the public, most water supplies within the United States are treated with chlorine, fluoride and arsenic.

  • Chlorine – This is the bleach scent that makes your drinking water smell like pool water. It is used in water to kill specific types of bacteria. Once chlorine is in your body it bonds with other compounds which triggers the production of free radicals. As you may have heard, free radicals cause serious damage to the cells in your body.
  • Fluoride – Fluoride is actually one of the most toxic substances known to man. This is a scary fact when you realize that almost all toothpaste, including children’s brands, contain fluoride. Unfortunately, fluoride can also be found in baby formula and bottled water, as well as tap water. The government allows the addition of fluoride in tap water even though it is known to be more toxic than lead and as poisonous as arsenic.
  • Arsenic – According to the International Academy of Research on Cancer, arsenic is a Category I carcinogen cancer causing toxic heavy metal.

There are more than 80 contaminants in tap water throughout the United States. If you think about it deeply, you will realize that most people drink 8 glasses of water per day or more. This means people are consuming large amounts of toxic chemicals that are known for causing a variety of health issues.

This information often causes homeowners and those who drink water from the tap to become fearful. Obviously, it’s not healthy for human beings to drink tap water. In addition, some bottled drinking water has chemical as well. Be aware of false labeling on water bottles. The best option is to invest in a high quality water filter. You can find a variety of different designs and types on the market today.

Yes. There really are chemicals in tap water. While most chemicals used in tap water is meant to protect the public from bacteria and other harmful substances, the chemicals themselves are also unhealthy for people. Choose your drinking water wisely and be aware of what you put in your body to help lessen your risk of illnesses that stem from chemicals in drinking water.

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