A New Outlook on Wastewater

by | Sep 12, 2016 | Bathroom


As a homeowner, you are most likely aware that your hot water heater uses the most energy in your home. This hot water is used for showering, cleaning dishes and washing clothes. In the current economy homeowners are adapting to the “waste not, want not” mentality. Surely, at some point, you have stood there and watched the hot water go down the drain and feel like your money is going along with it.

Engineers have been researching and testing new advancements to capture the energy that flows down the drains when the average homeowner uses hot water. They have discovered drain water heat recovery that can benefit homeowners across the nation.

The drain water heat recovery invention is capable of trapping the heat from the hot water before it flows down the drain to the sewer. Heat exchangers are used to contain the heat energy and store it for later use. This innovative idea is meant to be an addition to the hot water heater.

The new systems have their own storage tanks that preheat clean water that comes from appliances throughout your home. Since it helps to reduce the work of the hot water heater, it saves the homeowner money in the long run.

If you don’t feel comfortable with the fact that it stores water that has already been used in your home for further use, you can choose another design that works differently. These types of models work by trapping the energy and producing hot water directly through copper pipes. Whether you choose the tank model or the other model, you can be assured you are receiving clean water in both cases. You can feel comfortable setting your fear aside that you are using dirty water.

Drain water heat recovery is increasingly becoming popular among homeowners and communities across North America. The amount of savings it provides homeowners is attracting customers to this energy efficient option.

Engineers in Vancouver have taken it a bit further by designing and developing a sewage heat recovery system for the community. It is much larger in scale when compared to the average house model. However, it is already making a difference by providing heated hair to businesses and homes located nearby.

The surprising fact is that this one heating system is providing 70% of the energy needed in the area. Homeowners and business owners are shocked since this energy is coming from something that was previously known as waste water.

Think about this option carefully when you take your next shower. As you watch all of the wasted hot water going down the drain, think that it could be purified and reused again. This means you can also save money on your water bill as well as your electric bill.

Imagine if you can cut your electric bill down to half of what it is at this moment? Would you be interested in this type of energy saver? Saving money is the first thing that captures homeowner’s attention when it comes to wastewater. However, you can also enjoy the benefit of helping the earth. To learn more about drain water heat recovery or discuss similar options contact Mokher Plumbing for assistance today!

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