Prepare Your Pool for the Winter


South Florida is not known for freezing winter weather. It’s actually the one location people that live in the north flock to during the winter season. Miami is famous for its fabulous weather, palm trees, beaches and good food. Residents of South Florida realize how lucky they are to live in a fantastic location. The secret some snowbirds don’t know is that cool weather arrives in South Florida too.

Homeowners that have a pool are well aware of the cooler weather and the effects it causes to the area. Trees lose leaves and gusts of wind push leaves, twigs and debris into the pool. There are a variety of things you can do during the winter season that will keep your pool safe and clean.

  • Invest in a Cover – A pool cover protects debris from going into the water. This is one of the easiest ways to protect your pool.
  • Clean the Water – If cleaning your pool is a favorite hobby that helps you relax, you can choose to clean it manually. Use a large net or device specifically made to clean pools. Some pool owners take pride in their cleaning skills and actually make it part of their daily or weekly schedule.
  • Adjust the pH Level – Speak to your pool service regarding the pH level for the season. Some pools require adjustments while others might not. A professional pool service technician will determine the best option for your specific type of pool.
  • Remove Accessories – You most likely have a variety of pool accessories, floats, toys and other items. Remove these items from the pool after use. Allowing items to remain in the water increases the risk of bacteria growth on the object. It also increases your risk to exposure and direct skin contact with the bacteria which can cause skin and health issues.

Cool weather in South Florida usually keeps everyone out of the pool. Although the cold weather might only last a few weeks, it’s still important to maintain the condition of your pool. Ignoring your pool for just a few weeks can cause bacteria buildup and unhealthy conditions.

Allowing debris to fall into the water and deteriorate can cause the pH levels to change. Investing in a pool cover will prevent you from having to go outside to clean your pool. Regular pool maintenance is recommended all year to prevent serious issues and problems with your pool.

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