Does Your Drain Smell Like the Sewer?

by | Oct 10, 2016 | Kitchen


The overwhelming sewer smell oozing from the drains in your home can be difficult to ignore. Strong sewer odors can cause sicknesses such as vomiting and an overall unpleasant feeling. Homeowners immediately wonder what is causing this disgusting smell and how to get rid of it fast. There are quick and easy ways to deal with this nasty problem.

Dry Water Trap   

If the sewer odor is coming from a drain that doesn’t get used frequently there is a simple fix. The u-shaped pipe located under your sink is also known as the water trap. The shape of the pipe allows water to sit in the pipe and act as a barrier between your home and what is located further down the pipes. When drains are not used frequently the water in the trap evaporates and allows the sewer odor to come out of the drain and into your home. The simple fix is turning on the faucet and running water down the drain for about 30 seconds. If the sewer smell doesn’t go away there is a possibility something else is causing the odor such as dirty pipes.

Dirty Pipes

Is the odor coming from your kitchen sink? Chances are grime has built up inside the pipes due to exposure to food particles and other materials. The pipes need to be thoroughly cleaned by a professional to properly clear out the grime and debris causing the odor. A quick DIY project of cleaning the pipes with a brush will help temporarily until the plumber arrives.

Signs of a more serious issue include sewer odor coming from all drains within your home. This could be caused by an issue with the local sewer authority. Immediately contact the sewer company to ask about any problems in your area. They should provide details regarding the situation and a time frame for how long it will take to be fixed. In the meantime, you should open all of the windows in your home to allow the sewer odor to escape. If the problem doesn’t originate with the sewer company the problem most likely originates in your home.

Since sewer odor can cause nausea and sickness it is wise to get the situation taken care of right away. Contact a professional plumber to inspect your home and fix the problem. Don’t hesitate! Call Mokher Plumbing today to rid your home of that horrible sewer smell.

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