Why Does the Dishwasher Not Fill with Water?

by | Feb 12, 2018 | Kitchen

Homeowners don’t usually realize how important their dishwasher is until it doesn’t work properly anymore. Dirty dishes after a wash cycle is the most common sign your dishwasher is not filling with water. If you are having issues with your dishwasher, consider the following issues.

Check the Hoses

There are hoses that attach to your dishwasher. Sometimes they get kinked and cause the water to flow properly. It’s similar to a garden hose. If the hose is twisted or folded in any way, it blocks the water from flowing through it. Check the hoses for your dishwasher and straighten them out to see if it solves the issue.

Door Switch Issues

The closed-door switch activates your dishwasher to start working when you start a cycle. If the door switch is broken the dishwasher won’t know the door is closed and it won’t allow the water to flow properly.

Damaged Float

The float inside the dishwasher is responsible for recognizing and measuring when the proper amount of water has been used. It is responsible for stopping the water flow. If the float gets stuck due to debris from dishes it can prevent it from doing its job properly. In other situations, the float switch doesn’t work, and it needs replacing.

Electrical Outlet Problems

If your dishwasher isn’t working properly check the electrical outlet. Sometimes power surges can cause outlets to stop working. Also, check the breaker switch to assure that it is turned on for the area where your dishwasher is located.

Contact a Professional

Dishwashers are quite complicated machines that require a plumber at times. If you have discovered your dishes aren’t getting clean due to water issues, you need to contact a plumber immediately. Avoid trying to troubleshoot the issue. Dishwashers are a combination of complex electrical components and plumbing. It is essential you discuss any issues with a plumber.

If you continue using your dishwasher while the water is not working properly you can cause more harm to the washer. Other issues could arise as well. It’s important that as soon as you notice dirty dishes that you inquire further about the cause. Most of the time it’s a simple solution such as checking the hoses for kinks, other times it can be a serious issue that needs professional attention.

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