How to Remove Bad Odor from the Bathroom

by | Feb 19, 2018 | Bathroom

Odor in the bathroom is one of the most common complaints from homeowners. Most of the time a few sprays of air freshener solves the issue, but other times it is something a bit more serious. If you are consumed with odor every time you walk into your bathroom there is something you can do about it. Consider the following tips to remove bad odor from your bathroom for good.

  • Clean the bathroom – First you want to, begin by cleaning the bathroom, make sure get to every inch.
  • Inspect the bathroom – After cleaning the bathroom inspect it for mold, discoloration and any other issues that you discovered when cleaning. Check the shower head, faucets, and toilet for leaks. Also, check the walls for water stains and discoloration that can be hiding odor causing mold.
  • Close the toilet seat lid – Closing the toilet seat lid isn’t just a well-mannered thing to do. Toilets flush quickly and with a force which can thrust bacteria into the air and all over the bathroom rugs, walls, sink, toothbrushes and all other surfaces. Close the toilet lid after every use and tell everyone in your household to do the same. Keep in mind that you stand in front of the toilet to flush it, so the bacteria and germs are being thrust onto your face, skin, body, and clothing.
  • Remove mold – Mold hides in the cracks of tiles everywhere in the bathroom. If you notice any mold you need to re-caulk the bathroom tiles in that area. Mold produces a variety of health issues and is known for producing non-stop odor in the bathroom.
  • Install ventilation – If your bathroom isn’t able to ventilate the steam from showers sits in the small space producing mold. If your bathroom has a window you can open it while taking a shower to help the steam escape. If your bathroom doesn’t have a window install an exhaust fan.

Odors in the bathroom can be annoying and easy to blame on people in the household. But, odors can also come from issues such as water leaks and dangerous mold. It’s important to determine the cause of the odor and take care of it immediately. Plumbing issues like leaks can start out small and lead to larger leaks causing damage and mold to spread to your flooring and walls.

If you are having difficulty determining the cause of odor in your bathroom, contact us today for further assistance.

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