Is the Water Polluted in Your Home?

by | Feb 5, 2018 | Bathroom, Kitchen, Residential

The United States adheres to strict regulations when it comes to the water that comes out of the faucet in our homes. However, there are times water can become contaminated. This is the moment when the local news issues a boil water alert in certain areas. Boiling water helps kill bacteria that can be harmful to our health. If you aren’t sure if your water is contaminated, consider the following causes.

The Location of Your Home

Where is your home located? Are there work industries or construction located nearby? A common cause of water pollution is contamination due to construction errors and materials. If your water appears cloudy, discolored or has a strong taste, it could be contaminated.

Swimming Pool Maintenance

South Florida residents often install a swimming pool in their backyard for a variety of reasons. One of them is to cool off in the hot humid weather. Swimming pool water needs to be balanced and treated with chemicals to maintain a healthy swimming environment. If not properly treated your family can be exposed to algae and harmful bacteria. Some bacteria are dangerous, especially if it enters an open cut on the skin.

Indoor Water Pollution

Rusty pipes can easily contaminate your water as it flushes through the pipes. You can be drinking rusty water and tiny particles as well as bathe in them without realizing it. If your water appears to have an orange tint to it or have a strong taste, chances are the pipes are rusted and exposing your family to contamination.

Well Water

If you have access to well water, it probably saves you plenty of money. However, well water is not tested or held to US standards and regulations. It is your responsibility to test your well water on a regular basis to assure you are consuming and using healthy water. There are test kits available that will help you maintain access to healthy water from your well.

Drainage Systems

Do you wash your car in the front yard? Some car wash detergents contain toxic chemicals that can harm your health. As you wash the soap off your car the water flows into the drain that leads directly to local waterways or the ocean. In addition, weed killers and fertilizers drain into the same areas when it rains, or the sprinklers are used. You can do your part by using organic or non-toxic detergents and lawn care.

If you think your water is contaminated, contact us today for further assistance.

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