Why You Need a Professional Plumber

by | Jun 18, 2018 | Bathroom, Kitchen, Residential

Are you a DIY guru that enjoys fixing things in the house? If so, you probably are really good at tackling difficult projects. Surely, you have already experienced replacing showerheads, fixing small leaks in the sink and unclogging a toilet. However, did you know a professional plumber could be your right-hand man when it comes to the plumbing in your house? Most homeowner’s contact a plumber once everything has gone wrong and it’s beyond repairable by a DIY project.

If this has happened to you and you felt completely embarrassed when a professional plumber arrived to see the mess you made, don’t worry, you are not alone. Many homeowners try to save money by doing their own plumbing projects, but they often end up making the issue worse which leads to an expensive bill later.

Professional plumbers can work with you to keep your home plumbing running at it’s best. Yes. You are probably great at replacing a small part on the faucet to fix a small leak, but you need to know the right time to contact a professional plumber, which is usually when a rusty or broken pipe is involved.

You need a professional to make sure the plumbing is installed correctly and the water is flowing through the pipes at the right force and speed. You will be surprised how a clogged pipe or small leak can run up the water bill without you noticing.

Many homeowners attempt to install water heaters in their home as a DIY project. While some homeowners are successful, most end up calling a plumber for further assistance. Some homeowners even report that they didn’t realize there was an electrical component to the water heater and forgot to turn off the breaker switch. This is a dangerous scenario since water and electricity don’t mix well and often causes electrical shock, fire or worse.

You also need a professional plumber to alert you to upcoming issues that could arise in the future. Plumbers often arrive at your home to fix one issue and upon further inspection find another issue attached to the situation. A professional will explain the problem and encourage you to get it fixed within a specific time frame to prevent further damage or issues.

Are you ready to place the plumbing in your home in the hands of a professional plumber? Contact us today for further assistance!

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