Toilets: When Is It Time For Replacement?

Is your toilet old or require constant maintenance? Chances are it is time for a replacement. The toilet is used on a daily basis and needs to work in perfect condition. If you find yourself reaching for the plunger often and doing DIY tricks to get your toilet to work properly, you need to consider purchasing a new toilet. Continue reading below to find out the benefits of a new toilet and determine if it is time for a new one.

Benefits of a New Toilet                     

  • Improves the décor and look of your bathroom
  • Less risk of leaks
  • Less risk of clogs
  • Less risk of repairs
  • Reduces water usage
  • Reduces sewer waste and septic flow
  • Improves comfort

What’s that sound?   

Does your toilet make more noise than your television? Constant ticking, trickling, and other noises could be a sign of a serious matter. There are several components to the internal tank. Parts can wear out, become damaged or require replacement. This is generally a quick fix. However, if you find that you are replacing parts on a regular basis, it could be time for a new toilet.

Why is the toilet constantly running?

You or a family member might notice the constant noise from a running toilet. Or, your water bill might reflect the cost of more water use that alerts you to the issue. Usually, a toilet that constantly runs has a damaged or worn flapper. It could also be a sign of a float that isn’t adjusted properly. In this case, this is an easy and affordable fix.

Why won’t the toilet flush?

Almost every homeowner has the sudden moment when the toilet won’t flush. This situation often creates immediate panic in most people. The cause of the situation involves a fill valve adjustment. Generally, the water ratio is not working properly to fully flush or refill the toilet.

Cracks and leaks in the toilet are the main reason most homeowners need to replace their toilet. If you are having issues with leaks and can’t seem to find where it is coming from, inspect the toilet bowl carefully. Look closely for small cracks or evidence of water stains. If this is the case for you, get ready to purchase a new toilet as soon as possible. Contact Mokher Plumbing immediately for further assistance and proper installment of your new toilet.

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