How to Tell If You Have Hard Water


Do you have hard water? This is a question many homeowners have a difficult time answering. Hard water is caused by minerals such as iron, magnesium, calcium, and aluminum. Hard water can lead to damaged pipes, unsuitable drinking water, and unusable shower water. Look for the following signs to find out if you have hard water in your home.

  • Unusual Tasting Water – One of the most obvious and common signs of hard water is bad tasting water. If your tap drinking water smells or tastes sour, sulfuric or metallic you have hard water. Most homeowners panic when they realize their drinking water is actually hard water. There is no need to worry because most of the minerals found in hard water are actually beneficial to your health.
  • Dry Skin – If you and your family are experiencing unusual dry skin it can be caused by the soapy film hard water leaves behind. Dry skin is an ailment many people suffer with throughout the year. If your dermatologist isn’t able to pinpoint a specific cause, you should confirm whether you have hard water or not.
  • Spotty Dishes – You might spend plenty of money on the best dishwasher detergent available, but hard water will still leave your dishes looking spotty, streaky and chalky. The hard water used during the rinse cycle is often the culprit for causing traces of leftover soap residue to spot and create white streaks.
  • Laundry Issues – Do your clothes feel hard and scratchy? While fabric softener often helps reduce the stiffness, hard water still causes plenty of issues. The most common problems hard water causes with laundry are dulling bright colors and not fully washing detergent out of clothes.
  • Damage to Appliances – Appliances such as washing machines, refrigerator ice makers, dishwashers and hot water heaters are at risk of hard water damage. Mineral deposits from hard water are capable of building up on everything it touches. It also is known for ruining appliances.

Now that you know the signs of hard water, it’s time to inspect your home. Carefully go around your home looking for the signs listed above. If you find that you have hard water contact a plumber for further assistance. There are a variety of options you can choose from to help reduce the damage of hard water. It is also important to replace damaged appliances as soon as possible.

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