Dealing With A Clogged Drain

by | Oct 21, 2016 | Residential


It’s not “if” your drain will get clogged, it’s “when.” A clogged drain happens in every household whether it’s an apartment, house, condo or cabin. If you have a drain, it will eventually experience a clog. There are a few things you can do to help prevent this from happening. Plus a few quick fixes that will get you through a few days before the plumber arrives.

Prevention Tips                                                                                       

  • Be Careful – Avoid flushing large items down the drain. This might seem like an obvious step. However, young children tend to put small toys and objects in the tub during a bath. Remove these items before draining the water out of the tub.
  • Use Vinegar – Buildup can cause drains to get clogged easily. Keep your pipes clean by using 1 cup of white vinegar and allowing it to sit for 30 minutes. Flush it with hot water for 1 minute to clean the drain and pipes. Vinegar will also disinfect the pipes and remove bacteria.
  • Invest in Drain Protectors – There are a variety of drain protectors you can invest in that will help prevent clogs. A hair catcher is a favorite of many homeowners since the most common reason for clogged drains is the accumulation of hair.

Quick Fixes

  • Dish Soap – Good quality dish soap can loosen grease clogs quickly. Pour ½ cup of liquid dish soap into the drain. Allow it to sit for 30 minutes. Boil water on the stove and pour the hot water down the drain to flush the soap and grime away. Follow up by running hot water from the faucet for about 2 minutes. This process should break down grease and flush them through the drain. Popular drain cleaners will do the same job. However, they are often filled with harsh chemicals that can harm your plumbing. Dish soap gets the job done gently and without harming your plumbing.
  • Use a Plunger – If a clog has prevented water from going down the drain you should reach for the plunger immediately. At this point, your goal is to use the plumber to force the object causing the clog upwards so you are able to collect it and throw it away in the garbage.

If the tips listed above don’t work it’s time to contact a professional plumber. Every home has plumbing issues that a DIY project won’t fix. It’s best to ask a professional for assistance since some plumbing issues have the potential to be dangerous and complex. Call Mokher Plumbing today for an appointment!

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