Can Disposable Wipes Cause Drain Clogs

Disposable wipes were created centuries ago for the purpose of cleaning babies. These wipes are usually disposed of in a trash can. In recent history, many adults began using the wipes on themselves to assure a clean feeling after using the restroom. Some toilet paper companies recognized the need for adult wipes and created their own line geared towards making life easier in the restroom. Unfortunately, many of these adult wipes get flushed down the toilet causing drains to clog.

Clogged Toilets

In the beginning stages of using wipes and flushing them down the toilet, you may not notice a difference in the plumbing. This often gives homeowners false security about flushing the wipes. Then the entire family begins flushing the wipes. After a while, you might notice the toilet getting clogged frequently. But, a quick plunge and all is back to normal is usually how the scenario goes.

The truth is, these beneficial wipes are actually clogging your pipes causing a variety of issues in your plumbing. Not only are you dealing with a constantly clogged toilet but you are causing other damage to your plumbing system that could get quite expensive if you don’t fix it immediately.

DIY Disaster

Homeowners who are familiar with solving minor plumbing issues in the home often feel confident in dealing with a clogged toilet. However, when wipes get too far in the pipes it needs professional attention. If you are a homeowner that keeps snaking your toilet on a regular basis, there is most likely a more serious clog further down the line. It is essential that you seek assistance from a professional plumber.

Trash Cans

Most homeowners decorate their bathrooms that create a serene environment. One of the most common objects left out of bathroom décor is small trash cans. Some homeowners don’t like to see trash in the bathroom. Luckily home décor manufacturers have heard the demand for bathroom trash cans that have lids. This means you can still continue to use your favorite wipes in the bathroom and dispose of them in the covered trash can. You can continue to flush toilet paper.

Many homeowners don’t like the idea of disposing wipes into a trash can due to sanitary reasons. This is understandable, but doing so will keep your plumbing running in good shape and save you money on plumbing repairs. Lining the trash can with a plastic bag and taking out to the trash on a daily basis is recommended. If you are already experiencing plumbing issues due to wipes call us today for further assistance.

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