What to Know About Flushable Wipes

by | Feb 12, 2019 | Residential

At some point, just about everyone uses some wipes. Here in the Miami area there are people who use them daily to help change their babies, clean their kid’s hands, remove makeup, and so on. Wipes may be handy and are effective at helping you to clean things, but they can pose a problem when it comes to your plumbing.

Around the nation, there have been reports of wipes clogging city sewer treatment plants. They don’t appear to break down enough, they accumulate, and they end up creating massive clogs that cost cities millions to address. They can also cost homeowners money if they get flushed down the toilet and create clogs.

Some wipes are labeled as being “flushable,” which makes people feel they can safely put them down the toilet. Here’s what people need to know about flushable wipes:

  • While the companies that make flushable wipes stand behind the idea that they can safely be flushed, many city sewer workers and homeowners are saying otherwise. Even with them being considered flushable, they seem to be causing some unexpected clogs.
  • Not all wipes are even labeled as being safe for flushing down the toilet. It’s important to read the package to see if the manufacturer says they are safe for toilets, septic systems, or that they should not be flushed at all.
  • It’s a good idea to also avoid putting the flushable ones down the toilet. At this point, there are people who are reporting clogs from flushing them. You can avoid the risk of them clogging your toilet by putting them in the trash instead after you have used them.
  • In 2015, the Miami Herald ran a story about flushable wipes, saying that the Miami-Dade sewage system declared flushable wipes as being the enemy. The county issued a press statement asking residents to not flush them down the toilet, but to instead put them in the trash.

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