Top 3 Benefits of a Walk-In Shower

by | May 15, 2017 | Bathroom

Adults and children slip and fall in the bathtub every day. This danger has caused sales for walk-in showers to increase rapidly over the years. In the past walk-in showers were considered only for the elderly who had difficulty entering a porcelain tub. But, in today’s world, the convenience, luxury and safety of a walk-in shower are making it a must-have in homes across America. The benefits listed below will help you decide if a walk-in shower is best suited for you and your family.

  1. Safety

Those who have mobility issues such as seniors and young children will benefit from a walk-in shower. An important feature is the added security and peace of mind it provides. Some walk-in shower models have added accessories like grab bars to further assist the user. If anyone in your home has difficulty lifting their legs to enter and exit the tub will benefit from a walk-in shower.

  1. Affordability

The fear of high costs deters homeowners from getting a walk-in shower. Most homeowners are pleasantly surprised to learn the cost is affordable. There are a variety of styles and features to choose from. You can easily afford a walk-in shower by choosing a model that fits into your budget.

  1. Luxury

Homeowners that are looking to upgrade their bathroom often choose walk-in showers. Models often include luxurious features such as molded seats, hydrotherapy, and chromotherapy. A model with these types of features can turn a simple shower into a spa experience.

One of the hidden benefits of walk-in showers is the fact that it provides independence to those that would need a caregiver to help them. Some people feel embarrassed to need assistance and shower in front of caregivers or family members. Senior citizens especially feel a lack of independence when they can’t do a simple task to care for themselves. Walk-in showers give the user their independence back.

Busy parents that have more than one child also experience an improvement after installing a walk-in shower. Young children that are too old for a bath enjoy taking showers on their own. They also enjoy their independence similar to seniors. Plus, parents free up some time in their schedule by not having to keep a watchful eye on the kids during “bath time.”

Now that you know the top three benefits of a walk-in shower, you have most likely made your decision. If you are ready to install a walk-in shower in your home, contact us today!

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