Signs of a Water Leak in Your Bathroom and What to do about it

by | Nov 14, 2016 | Bathroom


The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the house. The entire household will visit this room and use its facilities several times a day each. It is highly important to keep the area clean and free of mildew. Leaks and moisture in the bathroom can quickly grow into mold and mildew that can make you and your family sick. Simply breathing in the mildew spores can cause respiratory issues. Continue reading below to learn the signs of a water leak in your bathroom and what you can do about it.

  • Odor – Odor is a sensitive subject when it comes to the bathroom. However, odor caused by water damage is the focus for today. Pipes that run to the bathroom are hidden behind the walls. This is the perfect place for a leak to hide for many months or years. Water can pool behind the wall and cause a specific odor such as an earthy musty smell.
  • Floor Damage – Let’s face it. The bathroom floor most likely endures plenty of exposure to water every time someone steps out of the shower and onto the bare floor. Bathroom flooring is usually durable and capable of handling access to water. Sure signs of a leak are the evidence of loose tiles, cracking, buckling or staining to the bathroom floor.
  • Damaged Walls – Water damage to the walls are often the first thing homeowners notice. The drywall gets exposed to moisture which causes it to warp, bubble or breaks into small pieces. In addition, wallpaper might peel and stains on the walls might appear for no reason.
  • Ceiling Stains – Homes that have a second floor might find ceiling stains on the first floor. Locate the area that is directly below the 2nd-floor bathroom and carefully inspect it. You will be looking for water stains, discoloration, sagging, odor, mildew and any signs of water damage.

Water leaks need to be taken seriously. A small leak can gradually turn into something worse and more expensive. Some homeowners find the small leak but they postpone taking care of it. This allows the leak to grow, spread and cause damage to the surrounding areas. If you avoid fixing the problem quickly it can lead to extensive damage to the floor, walls, ceiling, and surrounding areas. Take action at the first sign of a leak by contacting Mokher Plumbing today.

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