Rusty Water: Find the Source

by | Oct 9, 2017 | Bathroom, Commercial, Kitchen, Remodeling, Residential

Homeowners count on their tap water to be clear and clean for drinking and showering. But, what happens when you notice the water has a colorful tint to it? Or, the taste seems a bit off? Generally, rusty water could originate from the public water supply. But, chances are the issue is coming from inside your home.

Find the Source of the Rusty Water

Since you can’t drive down to the public water supply location and test the water, you need to find out if the issue is coming from inside your home. Begin your investigation by going to the water fixture where you noticed the discolored water first. Fill a drinking glass with cold water and set it on the counter. Then go to all the water fixtures in the house such as sinks and showers to collect the same samples. Place all of the glasses on the counter and compare the color. If they all look the same color chances are the issue is coming from the local water supply.

If only one of the samples is showing discolored water the issue is in your home where that water sample was taken. This helps you narrow down the area so you can contact a professional plumber for further assistance.

The Outcome

A plumber will guide your further to fixing the issue causing the rusty water. However, if the issue is coming from the public water supply, you need to contact the public water authority to alert them of the issue. Often this issue is due to corrosion of the pipes. An extensive pipe replacement project needs to be conducted as quickly as possible.

If the rusted water is affecting your drinking water it is best to purchase bottled water until the issue is fixed. Taking shorter showers and minimizing your exposure to the water is also recommended.

A common culprit for rusted water is the water heater. This option often goes undetected since it is usually hidden behind closed doors. If you suspect the water heater has rust, you should inspect it immediately. Look for signs of leaking or small orange rust stains along the top, edges, side, and bottom of the hot water heater. Any sign of rust should be taken into consideration immediately. The water heater should be replaced first, before the contacting the water authorities. Get a professional opinion by making an appointment with us today!

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