Pros and Cons of Replacing Your Bath with a Shower

by | Aug 28, 2017 | Bathroom

Bath times are one of the essential routines we human beings must take in order to keep ourselves fresh, clean and healthy. When it comes to bath time, there is a long ongoing debate whether a bath tub or a shower is more appealing and practical. Among the older crowd, a lot of us have the misconception that a bathroom must be equipped with a bath tub, however, in more modern times, home owners are ditching the tub and are opting for showers instead.

If you’re a little bit iffy about switching too, this information will tell you everything you need to know about the pros and cons of replacing your bath tub with a shower.


  • It’s a space saver – Bath tubs are notorious for taking up much-needed space which can be a problem if you’re trying to maximize what you’ve got especially if you’re living in an apartment or any place with limited space. Showers can be subtly placed in any corner or area of a bathroom without it taking up so much space allowing you to prioritize other interiors like dressers, closets, hampers, etc.
  • You’ve got more choices to choose from –  The best part about moving into any space is definitely the opportunity and experience to customize it to your liking. While there is quite a good selection of tubs in the market, when it comes to showers, there are about ten times more choices. Their wide selection allows us to choose enclosures, doors, shape, finish and more; allowing you to customize it to your hearts’ content. Also, you can have the wonderful option of converting your shower space into a walk- in shower which gives you the ability to transform your bathroom.
  • Modern showers are amazing – Unlike the traditional showers, now you can customize your showers handsets, add multi jets, add multiple water pressures and even some outrageous features like an in-shower radio or multi-changing lights.
  • They are time & money saving – Showering is obviously much quicker as compared to a tub and since you are spending less time and water in the shower, you can expect your water expenses to decrease, as well.


  • Baths are more relaxing – You can only enjoy an aromatherapy bath in a tub. Good bye bath bombs and bubbles!
  • Tubs are ideal for children and elderly – Some elderly need therapeutic baths and children love them. If you have senior citizens or children at home, you might want to consider this option.

Which do you prefer? Whether you choose a bath tub or shower, you will need an expert to install it. Make an appointment with a plumber today!

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