Overflowing Toilet: Learn How to Stop it

Oh no! The toilet is overflowing! Quick do something! This is almost every homeowner’s reaction to an overflowing toilet. Your quick action is essential to solving this issue before feces and bacteria spread in your bathroom and hallway. The following details will help you stop the overflow quickly.

  • Shut the Water Off – Some homeowners don’t know what to do when the toilet overflows. You might reach for the plunger, put towels on the floor or try to flush the toilet again. The first thing you should do is stop the water from flowing into the toilet any further. You can do this by locating the toilets main shutoff valve and turn it to the off position. Stopping the water flow should always be your first goal in this type of situation. The towels and plunger will come in handy later.
  • Close the Flapper – Since many homeowners don’t usually touch the main shutoff valve to the toilet it often is difficult to turn when the time comes. An excellent way to prevent the valve from getting stuck in the on position is to turn it on and off for a brief moment once per month. However, if the shutoff valve is already stuck or rusted into position, you have an alternative method that will help you. This quick and easy method involves removing the top of the toilet tank and reaching in to force the flapper closed. This will prevent any further water from entering into the toilet.
  • Reach for the plunger – Sometimes a toilet gets clogged due to too much toilet paper or waste entering the pipes at the same time. If you have young children, they might have flushed their favorite toy down the toilet just for fun. Whatever the reason is for the clogged toilet, a few sessions using the plunger will usually solve the situation.

If you have done the steps listed above and your toilet still doesn’t work properly, it could be a sign of a more serious situation. If your toilet overflows on a regular basis without a known cause, you should contact a professional immediately.

Remember a frequently clogged toilet can cause many problems in your home. First, it can spread bacteria caused by exposure to fecal matter which can make your family sick. A professional plumber will pinpoint the issue and determine if the issue originates in your home or in the city sewer system. Resolving plumbing issues is essential to preventing further damage and costly expenses in the future.

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