Important Plumbing Elements to Check After a Hurricane

by | Sep 25, 2017 | Commercial, Residential

Hurricanes can have a lot of major effects on our homes, neighborhood, and community. Aside from the emotional and physical stressors that can arise from a natural calamity- financial stressors can also come into play especially when it comes to the repairs that were caused by the natural occurrence.

As much as we would like to prepare for the worst, after a storm, there are also a lot of things that we need to take into account when it comes to maintaining a fully functioning home. Downed lines, trees that have been uprooted from the storm, damaged roofs, flooded streets and other factors can contribute to the slow onset of major issues that can damage our homes, especially our plumbing systems. So now that the storm has passed, what should we do now?

  1. Set up an inspection of your sewer lines

Although it doesn’t seem like the hurricane made any difference to lines located in the ground, storms can actually cause grounds to change and shift. This shifting of the land can cause potential problems with your sewers lines such as detachments or others which may be noticed when you flush your toilet. Another indication of a problem with your sewer lines is the backwashing of sinks, toilets or tubs and even the onset of foul odors which may occur around your drains that could spread throughout your home.

Setting an appointment with your local plumber is the first thing you should do once the initial stressors have settled down and you can begin to make the necessary maintenance of your home.

Also, make sure to double check your water lines and sump pumps.

  1. Inspect your gas lines

Inspecting your gas lines is something that you can do on your own and is definitely something you should do as soon as possible. The high winds and strong precipitation brought upon by the storm, including flying debris, can interfere with gas lines and eventually cause huge problems at home.

Some things to keep an eye on are: the smell of rotten eggs, soft hissing noises emitted by your gas line and of course, holes in your lines. If you notice these things, make sure to contact your gas company right away!

These simple bits of advice will bring you a long way and will save you the hassle of spending hundreds of dollars in maintenance fees. Always keep your family safe whether there’s a storm or not and make sure your home is always in tip-top shape! If you notice any damage to your plumbing contact me Scott Mokher today for further assistance.

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