What Causes Shower Heads to Leak

by | Jan 22, 2018 | Bathroom

You don’t know how important the showerhead is until it doesn’t work properly. Homeowners are often surprised when they turn on the shower one day only to find it spraying in all directions except for the general one they need. While this is usually a quick fix such as a good cleaning a leaking shower head is another story.

A leaking showerhead that constantly drips or flows water out of it will hike up your water bill more than you expect. Imagine a faucet dripping 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This will add up to a costly expense every time you get your bill.

Usually, a constantly running shower head is caused by the shower valve. This is fairly an easy fix that needs to be done by a professional. However, a shower valve that leaks behind the wall can be a disaster. It’s essential that you have a plumber inspect the issue to assure water is not gathering behind the wall. This can lead to mold and bacteria development as well as damage the wall and other areas of the house.

Whether it’s an easy fix or a complicated one, you need to get it done quickly before it gets worse. Homeowner’s often see the shower head dripping very slowly, maybe just a few drops. So, they put off inspecting the issue or contacting a plumber. Sometimes homeowners wait until they receive a high water bill or notice the water is flowing out of the shower head instead of just dripping.

Homeowners should never hesitate to call a plumber. Even the smallest issues can quickly develop into serious issues. If your showerhead is leaking and you prefer to inspect it yourself, you need to remove the shower head carefully and know what to look for. If you see rust or broken pieces, it’s time to replace the showerhead.

Replacement of a shower head is fairly easy. Basically, you purchase a new shower head and attach it. This can be an easy process or a complicated one depending on the type of showerhead. If you are not familiar with plumbing you can accidentally cause more damage than good during the attachment process.

If you have any issues with your showerhead or plumbing in your home, contact us today for further assistance. Our friendly and professional staff are standing by to help you.

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