When Should You Call for Pipe Repair?

by | Aug 14, 2017 | Bathroom, Commercial, Kitchen

Pipe maintenance is one of the best preventive exercises you can practice at home if you don’t want to spend too much on repairs and utility expenses. The fall season is slowly approaching and therefore, pipe maintenance should be on the top of our list. While recognizing faults and signs of defects in pipes is not as impossible as we may think, there is a huge majority of people who have difficulty recognizing them- this is because sometimes it’s happening under our feet, with little to no evident clues.

Severe damages to your plumbing system may lead to high expenses on water consumption caused by leaks, water damage restoration services, and other high plumbing costs. As difficult as it may seem, there are actually some things that you can keep an eye on at home to recognize if it’s time for you to get your pipes checked:

  1. Dirty water – Each home is equipped with a water treatment system whether it be water filtering or softening. During the onset of murky water, despite having a water filtering system, a professional should be called immediately before putting your loved ones at risk.
  2. Rust spots – Rust spots in odd places are something that we should always be on the lookout for. Spots of rust are usually an indicator that your pipes are old and should be scheduled for a replacement.
  3. Unusually cracks and holes – Any visible cracks or holes in your pipes should be given immediate attention. This is common among older pipes and should be addressed as soon as the problem is identified.
  4. Corroded pipes – Corroded pipes and old and unhealthy pipes and should be replaced immediately before it’s too late. These can be seen in pipes located outside of your house or in basements.
  5. Low Water Pressure – Low pressures in water make showering and other tasks extremely difficult. If you are experiencing this at home, it is most likely a sign of your pipes failing and should be attended to immediately.

These are just a few but early signs of a possible plumbing problem inside your homes. If you are noticing these signs where you live, it is best to have them checked as early as now to avoid any further damage. Always keep in mind that prevention is better than the cure so if you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars in repairs, call and make an appointment today!

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