Best Tips to Fix a Running Toilet

by | Apr 3, 2017 | Bathroom

What’s that noise? Is it running water? Homeowners are often caught off guard when they hear running water in their bathroom. The first fear is the possibility of the toilet overflowing, but it usually doesn’t. Now what? You want to fix this problem as soon as possible since it could waste up to 10,000 gallons of water annually. There are a few things you can do to fix the constant running water.

  • Check Under the Lid – The first thing you want to do is carefully remove the lid and set it on a safe flat surface. Then you need to look in the tank to see if any of the parts are broken. If this is the case, those parts need to be replaced immediately.
  • Chain Stuck on the Flapper – Check if the chain is stuck on the flapper. You can solve this issue easily by shortening it.
  • Loose Flapper Hinge – If you notice a hinge has become loose, just reattach it.
  • Align the Flapper – If you notice the flapper is not aligning properly with the opening you need to adjust it.
  • Hole in the Floater Ball – A waterlogged float ball can cause overflowing. You can test the float ball by unscrewing it and giving it a few shakes. If you hear water inside of the ball it needs to be replaced.
  • Inspect the Flapper – Carefully look at the flapper to see if the seal is still good or is damaged. If you need to replace the flapper you can do it easily. First, you want to turn off the shut-off valve. It is usually located behind the toilet. Then you need to flush the toilet so the tank appears empty. This gives you room to work without submerging your hands and arms in the water. It also allows you to install the flapper properly. Next, you need to detach the flapper by popping it off the hinges and removing it from the chain. Finally, attach the new flapper properly and turning the shut-off valve back on.

Once you have inspected the parts in the tank and attempted to fix the issue it should be repaired. However, if you find that the toilet is still running after you already fixed it, you need to contact a plumber for further assistance. Since plumbing is often hidden behind walls, it is difficult to see or locate problems. A professional plumber will be able to troubleshoot the issue, locate the source of the problem and offer options to repair it. Don’t hesitate, call Mokher Plumbing today!

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