When Should I Replace my Old Plumbing?

by | Mar 12, 2018 | Bathroom, Kitchen

Our homes are our prized possessions. We don’t usually want to think that it gets old and needs repairs. Especially pipes that are hidden behind walls and other areas. If you have had your home for a long time you might need to replace old plumbing. The following signs listed below will alert you that it’s time to make some improvements to your plumbing.

  • Discolored water – Have you looked at the color of your tap water lately? You can check the color by pouring tap water directly from the faucet into a clear glass. Take a white sheet of paper and place it behind the glass. If the water in the glass has a tint that is brown or slightly red toned, you have rusty pipes. These hidden rusty pipes can leak or bust at any moment. They are also exposing you and your family to rusty water in the shower and in your drinking water.
  • Smelly water – As a South Florida resident you know there are times the water stinks briefly when there are issues. This is usually around the time when the local news reports advise residents to boil water for safety reasons. If your water has an odor there is a sign of bacteria. If the issue isn’t from your local water supply, the bacteria could be in your pipes. This means you are showering and drinking this water which could lead to illness.
  • Water damage – Do you have a water stain on your ceiling, walls or flooring? Do you smell a bad odor or notice mildew growing in your home? These are all signs of water damage. This is usually a result of leaky pipes. The water has obviously spread and leaked into the walls and flooring of your home. This type of damage requires replacement of old plumbing to solve the issue. It also might require mold removal and damage repair to the surrounding area.
  • How old is your plumbing? – You should have records of when the plumbing was updated. If you don’t know when your plumbing was installed, updated or replaced, you need to find out. One of the best ways to find out the condition of your plumbing is to speak to a professional plumber.

Do you notice any of the signs listed above in your home? If so, you need to seek the advice of a professional. You can get help today by contacting us for further assistance.

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