Top 5 Tips to Stop Mold from Forming in Your Bathroom

by | Aug 22, 2016 | Bathroom

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Do you suffer from allergy, respiratory problems or depression? Mold in your bathroom can be the cause. Mold is even known to cause symptoms in those who suffer from asthma. You might see mold growing in your bathroom. However, you don’t see the spores that come off of the mold clusters into the air causing you to inhale toxins. You can prevent mold from forming in your bathroom by following the tips below.

1 – Replace Shower Curtains – Do you have a plastic shower curtain that has mold forming at the bottom of it? Replace it with a fresh new one. Make it a regular habit to replace the shower curtain at the first sign of mildew or mold.

2 – Use a Dehumidifier – Most people know what a humidifier is but don’t realize there are “dehumidifiers” that are equally as useful. To create a dry environment invest in a dehumidifier and place it in your bathroom. Use it during and after a shower.

3 – Fix Plumbing Issues – Have a plumber come to your home to inspect for leaks and other issues that can promote mold growth. Make sure all plumbing issues are fixed and take measures to prevent them in the future.

4 – Open Windows – This tip is obvious but most people rarely open their windows. If you have a window in your bathroom it is an excellent option to help stop mold from forming. Open the window during and/or after you shower to release steam from your bathroom.

5 – Don’t Let Water Sit Around – Almost every family has the one person that leaves their soaking wet towel on the bathroom floor after they shower. This wet towel traps in moisture and leaks water onto the floor creating the perfect environment for mold to grow. Prevent this by explaining to your loved one that their towel is causing mold and bacteria exposure to the entire family. Then provide them with a special place to hang their wet towels so it can dry properly.

Keeping an eye out for leaks, moisture, and messy family members will help you pinpoint the key areas in your home where mold can form. Follow the tips above to prevent growth and always clean up any spills or water throughout the entire house. If you find mold in your house and don’t know the reason why contact a plumber immediately to find out.

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