Why Does the Toilet Bubble When the Bathtub Drains?  

by | Dec 18, 2017 | Bathroom

Do you hear a bubbly sound in the toilet when the bathtub drains? Homeowners often become surprised by the sound and panic as they wonder what’s wrong. The issue is usually due to a clogged drain in the pipeline. If you are experiencing this issue in your bathroom continue reading for more details.  

Current plumbing codes require all drains to be separately vented. This is mandatory to prevent pressure buildup and to assist sewer gases to escape outside. Bathrooms usually have multiple drains from the sink, tub, and toilet located closely together. This common configuration sometimes causes air to enter and exit through a fixture as you use another fixture.  

So, this means that your tub is draining but your toilet is gargling from the pressure. The wet vented system that is clogged can also show signs such as sluggish flushes and slow drains.  

To fix the issue you need to start by unclogging the shower/bathtub drain. A simple use of a plunger usually clear small clogs. Test the drain by plugging up the drain, filling the bathtub with water and removing the plug. The water should drain at a rapid consistent pace until the tub is fully empty. If the water is draining slowly continue using the plunger, then run the test again.  

If you find the drain is still not working properly after the second time it is time to call in a professional. Sometimes clogs can be deep in the pipes and require a professional to remove the clog. Surprisingly, some plumbers have reported clogs caused by small toys, too much hair, slime, small rodents and more. Serious clogs should always be left to a professional plumber.  

If you were able to determine what caused the clog you need to take preventative measures. The most common cause of clogs in the bathtub is hair. It easily falls down the drain and gathers together causing a ball that prevents water from flowing through the pipes properly. If hair was the culprit of your clog, you can easily prevent it by installing hair catchers in the drain. These small affordable gadgets will save you money and time in the future.  

If your home is experiencing plumbing issues you need to take action immediately. Remember, small plumbing issues can quickly turn into big expensive problems that inconvenience you and your family. Give us a call today for further assistance. Our friendly professional staff is standing by to help you with your plumbing needs.  

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