How to Test a Leaky Toilet Tank

by | Jan 23, 2017 | Bathroom

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The toilet is the most used item in the home. It is also essential that it is in perfect working order at all time. Problems with a toilet that don’t get fixed can lead to flooding the house and the spread of bacteria. If you have noticed any rust, water stains, the constant sound of the toilet running, or any other unusual things about your toilet, it’s time to test it for a leak. Follow the steps below to find out if your toilet has a leak or not.

  • Remove the Tank Lid – The tank lid is often heavy. Ask someone to help you if you are not able to lift it on your own. Dropping the lid on the floor can cause damage to the lid. Carefully remove the lid and set it on a large flat surface for safety.
  • Color Test – Use a dark food coloring such as blue or green to conduct the test. Drop 5 drops of the food coloring into the tank and allow it to spread throughout the tank by allowing it to sit for 30 minutes. Do not flush the toilet during testing.
  • Check the toilet – After the 30 minutes go check the toilet bowl. If the food coloring is visible in the bowl, a leak is present.

If you detect a leak contact us immediately. The plumber will determine the cause of the leak as well as provide you with repair options. Avoiding to fix the leak can cause a wide range of issues. The main two issues that homeowners are surprised to experience from a leaky toilet is an expensive water bill and water damage to the floor and surrounding area of the bathroom.

If your electric bill is increasing rapidly over a span of months, you can be confident there is a water leak on your property. A leaky toilet often is the culprit. However, some homeowners don’t feel the need to fix the issue right away. How many times have you gone to someone’s home and their toilet is constantly running? There are times you can see a small flow of water enter into the bowl from the tank. While the leak might seem minor at the time, it gradually gets worse and causes a variety of issues. As a homeowner, you need to take action immediately to prevent high expenses later.

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