Keep Clogs Away with Preventative Drain Care

by | Mar 20, 2017 | Bathroom, Kitchen

Clogged drains are something all homeowners experience eventually. They seem like they pop up out of nowhere, but the truth is they usually build up and show signs of trouble. The obvious sign is a backed-up sink. Most homeowners will agree clogs happen at the wrong time and tend to interfere with daily life. The good news is you can prevent drain clogs by following the tips below.

  • Start Fresh – Contact a plumber to conduct a professional cleaning on your drain and pipes. This will allow you to begin your prevention plan fresh.
  • Shower Drains – Clogged shower drains are often caused by hair. You can easily prevent hair from going down the drain by using a mesh filter. They are affordable and can be purchased online or at your local home repair store.
  • Garbage Disposal – Your garbage disposal is capable of destroying a wide range of food. However, coffee grinds and grease tend to be an enemy to most garbage disposals. Avoid flushing coffee grinds, oil and grease through your garbage disposal. To prevent clogs in garbage disposals you need to use plenty of water to flush the particles as the garbage disposal is being used. An excellent rule is, if the garbage disposal is on the water should be too. Never use the disposal without water.
  • White Vinegar – You will be surprised to learn that white vinegar is a great tool to use in the prevention of clogged drains. It’s easy to use too. Pour about 2 cups of white vinegar down the sink in the morning before you go to work. When you come home flush the sink with warm water for 1 minute. Using vinegar once a week will help keep your drain clean, disinfected and clear of debris.
  • Educate Your Family – Everyone in your household should know the basics of the plumbing rules. In this case, you will want to inform everyone to avoid putting coffee grinds and grease down the sink. They should never put large chunks of food or objects in the disposal. If you have young children that enjoy playing with toys while taking a bath, they should choose large toys that can’t go down the drain.

There are plenty of plumbers that will tell you horror stories of what they found in clogged drains. Large amounts of hair, small toys, animals, wigs, paper and more. Always be careful about your drains otherwise you can be facing expensive repairs due to large objects clogging and ruining your pipes. The prevention tips listed above will help keep the plumber away for a while. However, as soon as you notice drain problems you should contact me Chip Mokher immediately.

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