How to Recover from Water Damage to Your Home

by | Apr 9, 2018 | Bathroom, Kitchen

NO! Your home was damaged by water! Now, what do you do? This dilemma affects homeowners located throughout South Florida on a regular basis. There are various reasons that caused your home to be flooded. One of the most common reasons is a break or large leak in the plumbing. If your house has been flooded the following steps will help guide you to recovery.

Turn off the power

The first thing you need to do is cut off the power to the house. You can do this by contacting your electric company or you can turn all of the breaker switches to the off position. If you choose to turn off the breaker switches you can’t be standing in water because it can lead to electric shock. If you are unable to reach them safely you need to contact the electric company for further assistance.

Assess the damage

Use your cell phone to take pictures and videos of the damage done to the house. This includes how high the water has risen in the house and the damage it caused to the structure, windows, walls and other areas of the house as well as furniture and belongings. You will need to forward this information to your homeowner’s insurance company.

Locate your valuable possessions

Pictures, jewelry and other valuable possessions that you can easily get to can be removed from the house for safekeeping. Renting a storage unit during this process will help keep your prized and sentimental possessions safe.

Remove standing water

Use rain boots to protect your feet while removing standing water from your home. Open all the doors leading outdoors to the house and sweep the water outdoors to the best of your ability. Some companies offer water removal and use hoses to remove water from homes.

Clean up debris

Observe the house now that the water is mostly gone. Pick up and remove any debris that can harm you or your family, such as screws and other sharp debris. Also, remove any damaged furniture, clothing and belongings from the home that can no longer be used due to water damage.

Remove the mold

Where there’s water, there’s the possibility of mold. Inspect your entire house to see if mold has grown in any area. It needs to be removed quickly by you or a professional depending on the severity of the growth.

Did you experience a flooded house due to plumbing issues? If so, contact us today for further assistance.

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