Disposable Wipes Cause Plumbing Damage

by | May 21, 2018 | Bathroom

Disposable wipes for babies have been around for generations. These helpful wipes are convenient and help make changing diapers easy and quick. Usually, these wipes are thrown into a trash can along with the dirty diaper. In recent years, the toilet paper industry has created wipes for adults that seem to be an added benefit in the bathroom. These adult wipes are also used to keep a person clean. However, most of these wipes get flushed down the toilet instead of disposed of in a trash can.

Flushing disposable adult wipes down the toilet began when labels on some of the packages said it was ok to do so. Unfortunately, not all wipes are made equally and people started flushing all exposable wipes down the toilet, including the ones for babies too. These wipes are often made of a specific material that absorbs and holds a cleaning liquid that helps make the wipes more powerful and useful.

However, these wipes are also responsible for clogging many pipes in homes throughout the United States. Homeowners are often surprised to learn the wipes were the cause since it was labeled “suitable to flush.” Unfortunately, these “flushable” wipes aren’t “one size fits all” when it comes to pipes and plumbing.

If you have already flushed disposable wipes down the toilet you need to stop immediately. It’s best to set up a small trash can with a top that is meant purposely for disposing of these wipes only instead. You can place the small trash can next to the toilet where it’s convenient and easy to reach from a sitting position on the toilet. Discourage everyone in your household and visitors from flushing disposable wipes down the toilet.

Have you noticed plumbing issues since you started flushing the wipes down the toilet? Have you observed any of the following?

  • Tiny bubbles forming immediately after flushing
  • The toilet bowl not filling up properly
  • The toilet bowl not flushing properly
  • Tiny pieces of toilet paper floating in the toilet after flushing

These are all signs of a clog in the pipes. Sometimes clogs can reach deep into the pipes and requires a plumber to use a specific tool to remove the wipes.

If you have experienced plumbing issues with your toilet due to wipes, contact us today for further assistance. Our friendly and professional staff are ready to help you today!

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