Common Causes of a Leaky Toilet


A leaky toilet is the one thing homeowners fear the most. A leaky toilet is capable of spreading bacteria throughout the bathroom as well as increasing the water bill. A puddle on the floor or the sound of water running constantly is popular signs your toilet is leaking. If you have a leaky toilet and don’t know the cause, consider the most common issues listed below.

  • Cracked Bowl – Carefully inspect the toilet bowl. Search for tiny cracks or chips. If you notice discoloration in the bowl similar to rust stains that are unable to be cleaned or deep cracks, this could be the cause of the leak.
  • Cracked Tank – Every time the toilet gets flushed the tank flows with water. A tank that has a crack in it will leak slowly in the beginning of the situation. However, when the crack in the tank grows larger the tank will leak in large amounts which can cause flooding and water damage to other areas of your home.
  • Rusty Pipes – Pipes are hidden and can become damaged or rusted without you knowing. Over time pipes often become corroded and rusted causing the toilet to leak.
  • Toilet Tank Parts – The parts located in the tank that is responsible for flushing the toilet and filling the tank with water often become damaged, old or rusted. The malfunctioning tank parts can cause the water to run constantly depending on the situation. While this won’t cause your toilet to leak constantly it could lead to the toilet overflowing after flushing. A constant running toilet can increase your water bill fast.

Water damage caused by leaking toilets can take a toll on your finances. The water can affect carpets, rugs, wood flooring, tile flooring, walls, wallpaper, paint and more. If you suspect your toilet is leaking it is highly recommended that you have a professional confirm the cause of the leak.

Sometimes you might think it’s the toilet tank when it is a rusted pipe hidden behind a wall. The main sign of water damage is a musty strong smell of mildew and bacteria growth in the affected area. If you walk into your bathroom and smell this odor, you can be sure you have a water leak and it has already caused issues.

Repairing or replacing toilets or parts is essential to preventing further damage from occurring. Contact a plumber today to help pinpoint the cause and fix the issue immediately.

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