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What To Do About a Noisy Faucet

Modern faucet with chrome or stainless steel finishing

Modern faucet with chrome or stainless steel finishing

Screech! What is that piercing noise? Is it coming from a faucet in your home? This common complaint is something homeowners have to deal with at some point. Noisy faucets can become bothersome to most families. Imagine having a conversation in the kitchen while you are doing the dishes and you can’t carry on a conversation with someone standing next to you. You can take control of the situation today by following the steps below.

  • Check the Aerator – Mineral deposits in the aerator is a common cause for a noisy faucet. To check the aerator, just unscrew it and run the faucet. Listen carefully while the faucet is running, if you don’t hear the loud noise anymore, it’s the aerator. You can fix problems by cleaning the aerator and re-attaching it to the faucet.
  • Invest in New Washers – Old washers are often the reason for noisy faucets. To replace washers, turn off the water supply first. Take the faucet apart, replace the washers then re-attach the faucet.
  • Check the Water Pressure – Sometimes high water pressure can cause loud noise in your faucet. You can test your residential plumbing pressure with a gauge found at your local hardware store. If the results of the test read over 80 psi, this is too high. You can have a pressure regulator installed on the main water line to help lessen the noise.
  • Replace Plumbing – If you have an older home, the pipes might be blocked due to debris which causes difficulty for water to get through. Sometimes the old pipes are also just too small. If this is your situation, you should contact a licensed plumber for further assistance.

Depending on your comfort level as a DIY homeowner, you might be able to handle the tasks above by yourself. However, if you are concerned or afraid you should always contact a professional plumber for further assistance. Sometimes the item you think is causing the noise could be something entirely different. It’s best to allow a professional to pinpoint the problem and provide suggestions for repair or replacement.

If the situation is as easy as replacing a washer on the faucet, you can always ask a neighbor or family member to assist you. Once you learn how to do it, the process is easier for you to do the next time the problem occurs. Take care of your noisy faucet today and begin enjoying having conversations in your kitchen again without all the loud noise.

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