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How to Be Prepared for Plumbing Emergencies

It wasnt me - IMG_0217-2109Even the most careful and attentive homeowner can experience unexpected plumbing issues. You might check your faucets for leaks and take good care of your water heater and other items within your home, but you can’t predict a pipe bursting or other hidden plumbing problems. Often homeowners find themselves stressed out when they realize they can’t afford to fix the problems immediately. Don’t be one of these homeowners. Try the following tips to be prepared to handle any issues regarding the plumbing in your home.

  • Save – Create a separate savings account dedicated to fixing repairs in your home. Every month deposit a specific amount that is suitable to your budget. These savings will help you feel assured you can fix any problems as soon as they arise. Since plumbing problems are not frequent issues, some homeowners tend to withdraw from the savings account. Avoid doing this, because it will cause you to deplete the security you have built and prevent you from fixing important issues.
  • Home Owner’s Insurance – Check your homeowner’s policy to see if it covers plumbing maintenance and repairs. If not, you should consider purchasing a home plumbing warranty. This option is helpful if you are low on funds and have difficulty saving money.
  • Plumbing Professionals – Every city has a plumbing company that is highly recommended. It is wise to develop a strong loyalty and relationship with one specific plumber. Contact the plumber of your choice and request a home evaluation. This will allow the licensed technician to locate any potential plumbing issues in advance. It also allows the plumbing company to establish a record for your home and recommend maintenance appointments to prevent emergency plumbing issues.

By following these few simple steps it will help you be prepared for any plumbing emergencies. Focusing on prevention will help lessen the risk of unwanted surprises and having savings set aside will most likely take care of any unforeseen problems. Whether you have just purchased your home or you have lived there for a long time, learning more about your home’s plumbing is essential to taking care of your home.

A common mistake some homeowners make is not saving any more money after the plumbing issue is fixed. This is a big mistake. Just because one problem has been repaired, it doesn’t mean another one doesn’t exist somewhere else in the house. Always remain prepared for any emergency regarding plumbing, especially because it can cause water damage to your home, mold buildup and further damage.

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Since 1968, Chip Mokher & his team has provided South Florida with quality service with a commitment to our customers’ satisfaction. Our many years of experience has allowed us to serve thousands of homes and businesses in Miami-Dade County. We welcome the opportunity to serve you, please call us at 305-446-8266 or email us at

How to Keep Water Heater Costs Low


Anyone who has taken an ice cold shower knows how much a water heater is needed in a home. It is responsible for heating water for the shower and sinks. This convenient much-needed item can also raise your electric bill. There are a variety of things you can do to lower the costs and keep your water heater running in good condition.

  • Replace the Water Heather – Begin with getting to know your water heater. Let’s face it, the heater has probably been hiding behind a closet door for years, so open the door and investigate. You will want to look for water or leaks as well as rust. If you find any of these issues you will want to repair or replace the water heater.
  • Lower the Temperature – According to the Federal Department of Energy, the water heater thermostat should be set to 120 degrees. Most water heaters go up to 140 degrees. However, this temperature can easily burn and scold the elderly and children. Keeping the thermostat at 120 degrees prevents burning and saves money too!
  • Lessen Use – Water enters into your home through pipes at 2 gallons per minute. To lower the cost, try to take shorter showers and use economy settings on appliances such as the washing machine and dishwasher. Your family may not be happy to learn that their hot shower time has been lessened, but it will save money and energy.

Even if you have never had water heater issues before, there will come a time when it needs replacement. Rust and long term use are the common reasons for replacement. Most homeowners will tell you installation is one of the most difficult things they have every done. It’s true! Installing a new water heater is not only difficult, but also complicated and dangerous. Always make sure the breaker switch that corresponds to your water heater is turned off before removing or installing.

It is best to have a professional complete the installation. You will be surprised how quickly they can get it done. While DIY installation sessions are known to go on for hours and even days. Contact a professional in the beginning and let them do the hard work. It also prevents you from prolonging the situation. Without a water heater, you can’t do much in your home. After proper installation, make sure the thermostat is set at 120 degrees and follow the money saving tips listed above.

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Since 1968, Chip Mokher & his team has provided South Florida with quality service with a commitment to our customers’ satisfaction. Our many years of experience has allowed us to serve thousands of homes and businesses in Miami-Dade County. We welcome the opportunity to serve you, please call us at 305-446-8266 or email us at

Common Mistakes that Ruin Your Plumbing

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Homeowners often take plumbing issues into their own hands. This is fine for an experienced DIY homeowner. However, it can be dangerous and costly for those who are not familiar with plumbing issues. It is always wise to contact a professional for assistance. The following are common mistakes that should be avoided.

  • Flushing Garbage in the Toilet – The toilet is only meant to be used for human waste and toilet paper. Plumbers receive numerous calls every year related to garbage or other items being flushed down the toilet. Sometimes it could be an accident, while other times it is done intentionally. Flushing garbage down the toilet can clog pipes which result in the toilet overflowing into your home.
  • Grease Down the Drain – Bacon grease is often thrown down the sink with the use of a garbage disposal. While this may seem like a great idea after cooking breakfast on a Sunday morning, it is actually a bad idea. Bacon grease, and others similar to it, contains fat that clog drains whether you use a garbage disposal or not.
  • Running Water During Repairs – All plumbing repairs should be conducted with the water valve off. This means that nothing in your home that uses water should be working during repairs. If you fail to turn the water off, your home can become flooded quickly causing extensive damage to your home, flooring and other areas.
  • Soldering Pipes – A favorite project of some homeowners who take pride in their DIY projects is soldering pipes. While it is an easy enough job for those with experience and a steady hand, it can be dangerous for others since you can easily burn yourself and the area around you.
  • Fixing it Yourself – Homeowners have a variety of reasons why they don’t want to call a plumber. It could be lack of money to pay a professional or simply that the homeowner has confidence in their own abilities. While replacing a washer on the faucet is a simple job, others are more complicated. If you find yourself watching an online video and trying to install, repair or replace a plumbing problem, it might be best to call a licensed plumber in your area.

Many homeowners don’t realize the danger in plumbing issues, especially when electricity and water are combined. For example, installing a water heater can become rather difficult if you haven’t done it before. It can also be highly dangerous to the homeowner. Always call a professional plumber when in doubt. You will feel more confident and secure knowing a professional plumber has fixed the issue safely.