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How to Create a Dry Environment in Your Bathroom

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Let’s face it bathrooms go through a lot when it comes to humid environments. A family of four easily produces up to about 2 hours of humid temperatures daily from showering. Keeping the bathroom dry isn’t always easy. It’s often the top complaint homeowners mention to plumbers. Consider the following suggestions to create a dry environment in your bathroom.

  • Windows – Depending on the design of your bathroom you might already have a window or you can plan to install a small window. Open the window during and after showers to help release the steam and humidity levels in the bathroom.
  • Ventilator Fans – These fans are increasingly becoming popular in homes across South Florida. They are often installed in the ceiling of the bathroom and operate with a quick flick of a switch. You can even choose to connect it to your light switch. This will allow the fan to turn on along with the bathroom light. The fan helps to reduce moisture by pulling the humidity out of the bathroom creating a dryer environment.
  • Leave the Door Open – If you live alone or you are in a living situation that allows you to leave the bathroom door open while you shower, do it. The steam from the shower will go out the door into your hallway and home where dryer air already exists due to the use of air conditioning.

Remember anytime you see steam in your bathroom it is causing moisture to build up. If it doesn’t have an outlet such as a fan, open window or door, it is creating an environment that produces mold and bacteria. This situation can cause you and your family to become sick due to frequent exposure. A dry environment lessens the risk for mold buildup.

There has been a moment in every homeowner’s life when they postpone cleaning their bathroom for just a few days beyond their scheduled cleaning day. These few days can easily create mold that builds quickly and bacteria to spread throughout your bathroom. Keeping your bathroom environment dry helps to reduce this situation and perhaps allow you to have longer gaps between cleaning sessions.

If water leaks onto the floor when you shower remember to clean it up immediately with an absorbent mop or towel. Allowing water to pool and accumulate will create a damp environment for long periods of time. If you see mold in your bathroom and need to create a dry environment, contact a plumber for further details.

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Signs You Need a New Water Heater

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Homeowners often overlook the importance of the water heater. This essential item is responsible for so many things, including providing hot showers on a daily basis for the entire family. Imagine one morning you step into the shower only to find ice-cold water flowing from the shower faucet. To avoid this situation from happening to you, become aware of the following signs that will alert you to replace or repair your water heater before disaster strikes.

  • Flame Color – If you have a gas water heater the flame should burn with a blue tone. Yellow tones are a sign your water heater will need replacement soon.
  • Leaks – Check the water heater on a regular basis. Water heaters are an important part of keeping your home running at its best and most comfortable. However, these essential tools often are hiding behind a closed closet door for months and even years. Once a month check on the water heater. If you notice any leaks or water accumulation surrounding or underneath the water heater, it’s a sign you need to replace it immediately.
  • Water Temperature – An important sign that often goes unnoticed is the water temperature. Most homeowners don’t realize there is a temperature change until they take an ice cold shower one day. This doesn’t happen overnight. Be aware of where you set the temperature on your shower every day. If you find that you are pushing the lever more and more towards the hot side to get the same warm shower temperature you are used to, it’s a sign the water heater needs replacement.
  • Rust – Any time you notice rust on the outside of the water heater, it means there is rust on the inside. Even if the rust spots are small, eventually it will create a hole and begin to leak water. Leaking water can ruin carpets and other types of flooring quickly. Prevent this from happening by replacing the water heater as quickly as possible.

Always remember that although water heaters require little maintenance, they do get old and they don’t last forever. Make sure you are prepared ahead of time for repairs or replacements to the water heater. It might seem easy to replace the water heater yourself. However, there is a lot that goes into installing the water heater and it could be dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing. Seek professional help by contacting Mokher Plumbing, a licensed professional, to help with installation and repairs

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Since 1968, Chip Mokher & his team has provided South Florida with quality service with a commitment to our customers’ satisfaction. Our many years of experience has allowed us to serve thousands of homes and businesses in Miami-Dade County. We welcome the opportunity to serve you, please call us at 305-446-8266 or email us at

Common Mistakes that Ruin Your Plumbing

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Homeowners often take plumbing issues into their own hands. This is fine for an experienced DIY homeowner. However, it can be dangerous and costly for those who are not familiar with plumbing issues. It is always wise to contact a professional for assistance. The following are common mistakes that should be avoided.

  • Flushing Garbage in the Toilet – The toilet is only meant to be used for human waste and toilet paper. Plumbers receive numerous calls every year related to garbage or other items being flushed down the toilet. Sometimes it could be an accident, while other times it is done intentionally. Flushing garbage down the toilet can clog pipes which result in the toilet overflowing into your home.
  • Grease Down the Drain – Bacon grease is often thrown down the sink with the use of a garbage disposal. While this may seem like a great idea after cooking breakfast on a Sunday morning, it is actually a bad idea. Bacon grease, and others similar to it, contains fat that clog drains whether you use a garbage disposal or not.
  • Running Water During Repairs – All plumbing repairs should be conducted with the water valve off. This means that nothing in your home that uses water should be working during repairs. If you fail to turn the water off, your home can become flooded quickly causing extensive damage to your home, flooring and other areas.
  • Soldering Pipes – A favorite project of some homeowners who take pride in their DIY projects is soldering pipes. While it is an easy enough job for those with experience and a steady hand, it can be dangerous for others since you can easily burn yourself and the area around you.
  • Fixing it Yourself – Homeowners have a variety of reasons why they don’t want to call a plumber. It could be lack of money to pay a professional or simply that the homeowner has confidence in their own abilities. While replacing a washer on the faucet is a simple job, others are more complicated. If you find yourself watching an online video and trying to install, repair or replace a plumbing problem, it might be best to call a licensed plumber in your area.

Many homeowners don’t realize the danger in plumbing issues, especially when electricity and water are combined. For example, installing a water heater can become rather difficult if you haven’t done it before. It can also be highly dangerous to the homeowner. Always call a professional plumber when in doubt. You will feel more confident and secure knowing a professional plumber has fixed the issue safely.