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The Truth Behind Public Bathrooms

Plumbers get called to fix public restrooms on a regular basis. There are a variety of issues that require a professional such as leaky toilets, faucets, and cracked toilet bowls. While plumbers are fixing and maintaining public bathrooms, the public fears using them due to myths about bacteria and germs. Continue reading to find out the truth behind public bathrooms.

Myth #1 – You Can Catch a Disease from Public Restrooms

On rare occasions, there have been reports of people developing illnesses due to contact with an infected surface in a public bathroom. However, those with a healthy immune system are often able to fight off any germ they come in contact with while visiting a public toilet. Those who have a compromised and weak immune systems are more likely to “catch” something if they don’t take the regular precautions of washing hands with warm water and antibacterial soap.

Myth #2 – The Toilet Seat is the Dirtiest Object in the Bathroom

People worldwide take protective measures when it comes to touching the toilet seat. Most restrooms provide toilet seat covers due to this common myth. The truth is, since most people don’t come into contact with the toilet seat, it’s not as dangerous as you think it is. A common item that people tend to forget about is the toilet paper itself. You use the toilet paper to cover the toilet seat and to wipe yourself. But did you realize that the person before you most likely touched the toilet paper with their dirty hands after whipping themselves? This bacteria comes into contact with your skin and can spread illness. To prevent this from happening to you, carefully tear the tip of the toilet paper without touching it directly and throw it in the trash.

Myth #3 – Flushing the Toilet throws Bacteria on You

Truth. This myth is true. Public restrooms don’t have lids for the toilet seats. This means flushing the toilet pushes air from the force of the flush into the stall and spreads bacteria from the toilet. The best way to avoid this is to open the stall door first, then flush the toilet and leave the stall quickly.

Due to these gross and scary myths about public restrooms most people have developed a safety routine when visiting public restrooms. Remember, if you have a healthy immune system, wash your hands with warm water and antibacterial soap, plus avoid contact with germ infested toilet paper and seats. You can also avoid spreading bacteria in your home bathroom by putting the lid down on the toilet and fixing any plumbing issues. If you need the assistance of a plumber, contact us today!

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Why is the Toilet Running Constantly?  

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Do you hear that? It’s the sound of water running constantly. Homeowners often experience this situation while standing in their bathroom and suddenly realizing there is the sound of water flowing. At first, it might not sound like a big deal. But, when you receive your water bill, that small sound of running water suddenly causes you to empty your wallet to pay your bill. The following are a few common reasons toilets run constantly.  

First, you need to carefully remove the toilet tank lid from your toilet and place it gently on a flat surface. Then take a look inside the toilet tank to see if you notice any of the following issues.  

  • Issues with the rubber flap– This issue is often the most noticeable. The chain is attached to the part that controls the water flow from the tank into the bowl. The rubber flap should fit flat at the bottom of the tank. If you notice the rubber flap off balance or damaged, this is the cause of the water constantly flowing. Luckily, this issue is easy to fix by installing a new rubber flap and attaching the chain to it properly. It’s a simple DIY task, but if you prefer not to submerge your arms in the toilet tank water, it’s recommended to contact a plumber for further assistance.  
  • Broken chain – Before you decide to blame the rubber flap for the running water, take a good look at the chain attached to it. Sometimes this chain is so old it gets rusted and often falls apart. Other times it is just a simple tangle in the chain that can be easily fixed within minutes. Careful inspection of the chain will allow you to determine if it’s the cause of the running water.  
  • The plastic balloon – Take a look at the round or oval-shaped plastic balloon inside the toilet tank. Does it have holes? Is it old? There are times when a plastic balloon becomes overused and damaged. If the balloon has a tiny hole it will not do its job properly. A replacement part will be required to fix the situation.  

Once you have carefully inspected the parts in the toilet tank you should be able to determine the cause of the running water. However, if you observe that all the parts are in good shape and working properly there can be a serious issue that requires the assistance of a professional plumber. Give us a call today to set up an appointment. Our friendly professional staff is waiting to help you with your plumbing needs. 

Putting Off Plumbing Problems can Cost You More

putting off plumbing shutterstock_76813990Drip, drip, drip! The common sound of a leaky faucet can drive homeowners crazy. Everyone has a busy schedule these days and fixing a leaky faucet is not on the agenda for most homeowners. Often, homeowners consider leaky faucets and other minor plumbing issues to be minor problems. However, these small problems lead into an expensive repair if repair is put off for too long.

As soon as you notice a water leak in your home you should get it fixed immediately, even if it’s just a small repair. You may wonder how a little leaky faucet can cost you money. One leaky faucet can add more than 10,000 gallons of water to your bill each year. Just think if you have two or more leaky faucets in your home, what will it cost you?

Let’s explore this situation a bit further. Let’s say the back of your toilet is leaking water. Your immediate solution is to put a bucket to catch the water. At this point you should contact a plumber for repairs. But, you don’t because you have a busy schedule that week and you post pone the repair until the following week and so on. One day you have to work late and there is nobody at home to empty the bucket. Once you arrive home you realize the bucket that was catching all the water has leaked all over the bathroom floor and continued out into the hallway damaging your carpet.

This wet carpet will remain wet and damp for days causing mildew to grow underneath the surface. The odor of wet carpet lasts weeks no matter what you try to spray on it or use as a room deodorizer. Soon you and your family begin sneezing and having respiratory issues. After careful inspection you realize the mold under the carpet has spread farther down the hallway and forces you to replace the carpet in the entire hallway.

This common situation has gone from a quick, inexpensive repair to a costly mess. Once you add repairing the leak that has become worse since you first found it, the new carpet, labor for installation and doctor bills for your entire family due to allergies and respiratory issues caused by the mold, your total can easily reach hundreds of dollars.

This is just one scenario that homeowners have the ability to avoid by getting plumbing problems fixed immediately. A quick call to the plumber can actually save you money. Avoid putting off plumbing issues to prevent higher costs and a negative impact on your budget.

Mokher Profile PicSince 1968, Chip Mokher & his team has provided South Florida with quality service with a commitment to our customers’ satisfaction. Our many years of experience has allowed us to serve thousands of homes and businesses in Miami-Dade County. We welcome the opportunity to serve you, please call us at 305-446-8266 or email us at